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Please complete the following online application form: 請填妥以下的網上申請表:


I do hereby confirm and acknowledge the following 本人確認及理解以下事項:


Financial Services Guide 金融服務指引  

I have read, understood and agreed to be bounded by the Financial Services Guide provided by Hantec (NZ) Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as‘HNZ’).

Product Information Statement 產品信息聲明  

I have read, understood and agreed to be bounded by the Product Information Statement provided by HNZ.

Terms and Conditions 條款及條件  

I have read, understood and agreed to be bounded by the Terms and Conditions provided by HNZ.


I understand that I should seek independent legal, financial and taxation advice in relation to the Terms and Conditions and this Online Live Account Application prior to submission;

that in accordance with Section OE1/OE2 of the Income Tax Act 1994, I declare that I am a non-resident for New Zealand tax purposes. All gross interest paid or credit to me will be handled according to the income tax laws of my/our relevant country of tax residency. ;
本人確定按照所得稅法 1994 第 OE1/OE2 項所述,謹聲明本人並非新西蘭納稅之居民。所有本人之利息收入,一律按本人所屬之國家的稅務要求處理;

that I understand the financial risks associated with leveraged foreign exchange and bullion trading, including the risk that I can lose more money than I deposit;

that by properly completing and signing this Account Opening Form, it merely constitutes an offer to open an account with HNZ;

that if HNZ accepts my application to open an account, it will formally communicate its acceptance by Notice to me as set out in the Terms and Conditions. Only then will there be a binding agreement between HNZ and me. ;

I hereby authorize HNZ to accept any fax message or electronic documents from me as the original instruction, and I shall fully indemnify HNZ from and against all losses, damages, interest, costs, expenses, actions, demands, claims, proceedings whatsoever which may incur, or which HNZ may suffer or sustain, as a result of or arising from the exercise of that instruction. This indemnity is also applicable to any other indemnities contained in the Terms and Conditions;
本人授權貴公司接受由本人發出之任何傳真訊息或電子文件均視為正本指示,若貴公司因執行此指示而招致、蒙受或遭受之一切損失、賠款、利息、成本、費用、及一切因法律行動而引致及或蒙受、遭受之索償,本人保證不會向貴公司索償及貴公司亦不會因此蒙受任何損失。本部分內容同時適用於其他「條款及條件」 的相關內容。

In the event of any inconsistency between the English version of this form and the translated equivalent in any other language, the English version shall prevail.


that I have read, understood and agreed to be bounded by the Terms that are noticed by Hantec (NZ) Company Limited;

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